Get a quick, smooth shave without any pain

Welcome to Nova, where quality meets innovation in personal care. Introducing the Nova™ Shaver Pro 2.0, an advanced electric shaver tailored for women. This 2-in-1 shaver combines rechargeable, cordless convenience with an IPX7 waterproof rating, ensuring effortless grooming whether at home or on the move.

No more cuts, nicks, or bumps

Our silky shaver is perfect for sensitive skin. It has 3 hypoallergenic stainless-steel blades that gently glide over your skin, removing unwanted hair without irritation, cuts, or pulling.

Superior Safety and Cleanliness✨

The Nova™ Shaver Pro 2.0 prioritizes your safety and hygiene with its detachable head, allowing for easy and thorough cleaning after each use. The precision-engineered blades provide a gentle yet effective shave, reducing the risk of nicks and irritation. Maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.

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    I absolutely love the Nova™ Shaver Pro 2.0! It's so easy to use and gives me the smoothest shave ever. The rechargeable feature is a game-changer.

    -Sarah M.

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    I'm impressed with the quality of the Nova™ Shaver Pro 2.0. The waterproof design makes cleaning a breeze, and the detachable head ensures it's hygienic every time.

    -Emily L.

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    The Nova™ Shaver Pro 2.0 has simplified my grooming routine. It's powerful yet gentle, and I love that it's cordless—I can use it anywhere. The battery life is excellent.

    -Jessica R.

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Revamp Your Grooming Routine

Now, with its advanced features like a rechargeable battery and IPX7 waterproof design, grooming is effortless and efficient. Say goodbye to razor burns and hello to smooth, hair-free skin with minimal effort. Embrace a new era of convenience and confidence in your grooming routine.

  • 30 Day Guarantee

  • Easy returns

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How do I clean the Nova™ Shaver Pro 2.0?

The shaver has a detachable head for easy cleaning. You can rinse the head under running water and use the included brush for thorough maintenance.

Is the Nova™ Shaver Pro 2.0 suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, the Nova™ Shaver Pro 2.0 is designed with gentle, precision-engineered blades that minimize irritation, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

How long does the battery of the Nova™ Shaver Pro 2.0 last?

The rechargeable battery provides long-lasting power for multiple uses. The exact duration depends on usage patterns, but it typically offers sufficient charge for several sessions before needing to be recharged.

Can the Nova™ Shaver Pro 2.0 be used for trimming as well as shaving?

Yes, the Nova™ Shaver Pro 2.0 features a versatile design that allows for both shaving and trimming, making it suitable for various body parts including legs, bikini line, and facial hair.